About Us

Leo Stedman at Organic

Hi my name is Leo Stedman and I am passionate about our environment and the use of less chemicals. By growing an Organic Garden you are able to benefit our eco system by encouraging birds, butterflies, bees and other small creatures back into your gardens. You and your family will get a lot of enjoyment watching these small insects and birds feeding and flying around in your garden. It is also healthier for your family if you are not using chemicals in your garden.

Here at Organic Gardening Site we are passionate about growing all things organically including organic vegetables, organic herbs and organic flowers and we are more than happy to pass on all the information we can offer to help you to become a successful organic gardener as well.

As this site grows we hope to be able to make growing an organic garden a possibility by offering great tips on things like pest and insect control which can be devastating if left uncontrolled.

Growing your own organic food is not only great fun and rewarding but also is a very economical way to becoming a healthy person because as you know eating healthy can be expensive.

So hopefully you will enjoy learning about growing your very own organic garden and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor.